Chemical Distribution 4.0

WARSAW • 12 - 14 June 2017


Eigenmann & Veronelli S.P.A.

Eigenmann & Veronelli S.P.A. is a distributor and producer of FINE CHEMICALS, SPECIALTIES and PERFORMANCE CHEMICALS.

Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey are its main markets but today it is also widening and developing its presence in other countries, especially within the Mediterranean area.

Eigenmann & Veronelli was established in 1910.

The entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, Giovanni Eigenmann and Adolfo Veronelli, has always influenced the company's evolution in the following decades and has given shape to a growth process keeping pace with the great technological changes that have occurred in every industrial sector.

Whilst recent years have been characterized by a global and constantly self-transforming economy, the objective set by Eigenmann & Veronelli remains, as in the past, that of being an evolved partner of users and producers within the chemical supply chain.

Eigenmann & Veronelli intends to play this role harmonizing the processes of technological innovation with environmental and health protection.


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