Chemical Distribution 4.0

WARSAW • 12 - 14 June 2017


Fecc programme this year is "Chemical distribution 4.0". The chemical distribution industry goes digital. Nowadays the digital transformation of the industry offers exciting new potential for chemical distributors. Speakers of leading companies will share their experiences in the digitalisation of the chemical supply chain, providing delegates with ideas and tools to move forward in the demanding times ahead.

The programme will provide opportunities to exchange experiences, stimulate discussions, and also explore new possibilities.

This year's programme includes an inspiring presentation titled "Big Wave" by Sebastian Steudtner, XXL Big Wave Award Winner in 2010 and 2015, who will tell us about his incredible experience surfing at the limit. Sebastian Steudtner leads a life of extremes in which is important to prepare well, to run away from fear, but also to take some risks to go further.


Biesterfeld Brenntag Cornelius Eigenmann & Veronelli Hedinger HSH Chemie Nordmann Rassmann Omya Univar